About Amuleta™

AMULETA™ Security is an advanced hi-tech licensed professional investigative integrator firm that provides undercover investigators, digital forensics, e-discovery and investigative intelligence for both civil and criminal investigations in Canada, the U.S., and around the world..  Our clients are corporations, law firms, security service companies, and other professional investigative firms.

Dale Jackaman
President, AMULETA™

Companies are made of people who bring various skills to the table and Amuleta has been blessed with people who are the best of the best in some exciting and fascinating fields.


These include hi-tech investigators, often with a law enforcement or military background, high end network specialists trained in forensics, advanced IT security, investigators with a psychology background and boots on the ground hi-tech surveillance and counter-surveilance specialists.

And we have technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) experts,  risk assessment specialists, critical incident planning and stress debriefing experts, software forensics specialists, forensic interviewers in multiple languages, translators, profilers with an military intelligence background, communications and logistics specialists, penetration experts, etc.  It is a very long list.

Our clients include bio-tech and industrial chemical laboratories, hybrid electric vehicle manufacturing, alternative energy power development, not-for-profit agencies, law firms, other private investigative firms and more.  We often take on cases that state law enforcement either can't or won't do. 

So what can we do for you?

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AMULETATM is a licensed Private Investigator and Security firm regulated under the Security Services Act and the Ministry of Justice in the province of B.C.