Cybercrime Investigations

What is a cybercrime investigation?

A cybercrime investigation is a people investigation, just like any other, but the focus is more on the holistic use of forensic technology and professional investigators to achieve an investigative goal.  We are investigative integrators, which means we put together the teams to meet the investigative needs, boots on the ground P.I.'s to advanced tech surveilance and evidence gathering.  And we do this in Canada, the U.S. and around the world.

We use forensic techniques to collect evidence from all kinds of objects and devices, with the goal of linking such evidence to a person or persons who are committing an offence. The cases can be civil or criminal and we do often do e-discovery work for law firms.

To do that requires not just a forensics expert but a holistic team of licensed professional investigators with mixed skills that can include a hard-core background in investigative human resources, electronics, radio, computer networks, digital devices, operating systems, firewalls, SCADA command and control systems, microwave communications, ultrasound, laser and infra-red, just to name a few.  As investigative integrators we mix and match our people to fit the case just about anywhere in the world.

This is about organized crime, industrial espionage, state espionage, hackers, crackers, white collar and blue collared crime, civil cases between parties, criminal cases that need a second look, e-discovery, wrongful dismissal cases - the list is endless.

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AMULETATM is a licensed Private Investigator and Security firm regulated under the Security Services Act and the Ministry of Justice in the province of B.C.