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Amuleta™ has developed and uses a variety of tools and practices that monitors and protects your business internally and externally with minimal impact on your business processes.  But listen to what we have to say about how our very unusual mix of skills and experience can take you the extra mile!

Amuleta™ does people, computer and network surveillance and we make no bones about it. That's why we are licensed as a private investigative firm and employ cybercrime trained and licensed private investigators.   But we also prepare companies to handle potential or ongoing litigation from the discovery level and on.  Name another company that can not only protect your network infrastructure from attacks - but also prepare you for any litigation. 

We are also government licensed at both the company and individual level as security consultants within both the physical and cyber security realms. 

The greatest threat to your business today is internal hacking and directed threats from external sources, notably organized crime or state sponsored hacker groups.  All companies, small and large, are at risk.  Like most criminals, they tend to focus on low hanging fruit, but even well protected networks are now at risk.

The next biggest threats to companies is their lack of preparedness for litigation.  Good, honest companies document their activities well and provide the needed evidence during discovery proceedings.  Can you?

Some individuals within a company are targeted because it's easy.  These tend to be high profile individuals at the executive level who most probably have minimal IT skills and are unaware of the risks.  In the news you often hear of big name companies or government departments hacked due to a successful attack against certain individuals.  Even IT staff are far from immune.

Most smaller companies have no idea they have been hacked.  The average amount of time is about one year and by that time the proverbial horse is long gone.


network security

We offer a specialized form of protection for companies, a form of personal and corporate protection at the cyber level. 

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AMULETATM is a licensed Private Investigator and Security firm regulated under the Security Services Act and the Ministry of Justice in the province of B.C.