Corporate investigations

You know or you suspect you have an incident and evidence is key. What do you do?

corp investigationsInside corporate investigations often start and end with IT and/or the HR department. Unfortunately, IT and HR personnel are rarely qualified or licensed to do people investigations and/or forensic evidence collection of any kind.  Our professional HR and IT investigators are qualified and fully licensed.

In the province of British Columbia, where AMULETA's™ head office resides, it is required by law that any people investigations be done by properly licensed Private Investigators.  In many other jurisdictions it is the same.

So much of our world is electronic and device oriented. Investigating people is not just physical surveillance (we do that too) but having to prove that the person(s) of interest was physically or electronically there when the offence was committed.

Questions you need to ask:

  • Has your internal communications already given away the farm to any hackers that may be monitoring?
  • How are your IT people involved?
  • Are your IT or IT security personnel qualified and licensed to pursue an investigation and collect evidence for use in court? Are there conflicts of interest?
  • Are there provincial laws that require any such investigations be done by licensed private investigators?
  • Do they have the forensic training and investigative background required to do this type of work for possible presentation in a court of law?
  • Has a full threat assessment been done?
  • Does the internal issue have external links?
  • Does the person(s) of interest have ties to organized crime or a competitor?
  • Is it in the company’s interest for this to go into the criminal law realm and thus into the public domain?
  • Is your company prepared for discovery in any litigation?
  • Is your management team knowledgable about any of the above?
  • Is your law firm knowledgable about any of the above?

Amuleta™ has fully qualified and licensed professional investigators to handle all your corporate investigative needs.



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AMULETATM is a licensed Private Investigator and Security firm regulated under the Security Services Act and the Ministry of Justice in the province of B.C.