IT Services? Not Really...but...

We can provide drop in IT staff for special projects, often under-cover evidence collectors, reverse engineering a network when a staffer has abruptly left, searching for logic bombs or other nefarious code, etc.  Yes, we are licensed private investigators, but due to the specialized nature of our work we have be top flight IT people.  And what else would you expect from a company that investigates IT people...  We cost more, but we are worth more.


Intellectual Property Issues

Intellectual property (IP) can be anything from a particular manufacturing process to plans for a product launch.

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Network Security

Amuleta™ has developed and uses a variety of tools and practices that monitors and protects your business internally and externally with minimal impact on your business processes.  But listen to what we have to say about how our very unusual mix of skills and experience can take you the extra mile!

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Security Assessments

Any information security system and its supporting policy must include safeguards designed to protect against technical, physical and human vulnerabilities. 

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Security News


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AMULETATM is a licensed Private Investigator and Security firm regulated under the Security Services Act and the Ministry of Justice in the province of B.C.