Intellectual Property Issues

Intellectual property (IP) can be anything from a particular manufacturing process to plans for a product launch.

It can be a trade secret, production or manufacturing documentation, chemical formulations, pricing, your supplier lists - or anything a competitor can use to steal your business or your customers.

If you spent money developing your IP then it could be worth a great deal on the open market. Amuleta™ can help you protect and monitor your IP.

For many companies IP is much more valuable than any physical asset. Authoritative sources report that each year, intellectual property theft costs U.S. companies roughly $300 billion dollars.

The process of IP theft is also known as industrial espionage and is far more common that most people realize.


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AMULETA™ has a holistic approach to IP protection that involves technological solutions but with people, policies and education being the prime focus. It's not the computer that steals the IP but the person sitting in front of it.



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